Like to Gamble at Golf? Try Bridge!

Over $10 Billion a year is bet on golf right here in the United States alone. This exceeds all other gambling action on most other sports combined! The only thing bigger is the Super Bowl and the Final Four. แทงบอล

Clearly, like those events, only one winner will be declared, right?

That’s what my golf lessons are all about – to teach you the different gambling games, the science of betting, strategy, attitude and more.

One game that is quite popular among the high-rolling, big-cash gambling set is a Partner Game named after the volatile card game of Bridge.

Bridge, (the golf version) definitely puts a lot of pressure on you and your partner to perform. It is not for the faint of heart and can definitely show who has the fortitude and who lacks it.

Hence, when you get an edge you can really put the pressure on your opponents to come through as well.

Here’s the basic rundown of a game that requires much balls, skill, psychology and the ability to read your opponents:

Teams of two alternate holes, bidding the number of strokes that will be the total score of its two balls. For example, if team A believes it can finish the par 5 in 11 strokes, team B can do the following:

1. Accept this bet and hope team A scores higher.
2. Bid lower than 11 for their own score.
3. Accept the bid of 11 strokes and double the bet. Team A can redouble it if they are confident enough to do so.

The hole-winning team gets two points for its bid and an additional point for each stroke under its bid. 2 points are subtracted if the team misses their bet and 1 point is subtracted per stroke above their bet.

Make things even more interesting by making provisions that if both partners birdie, the points are doubled. Playing for $100 per point can have the losers reaching for their checkbooks on the 18th hole!

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