What Are Battery Power Assisted Bicycles?

The way in which we travel and get around is constantly changing and on top of this we are always on the look out for ways in which we can save money. As the cost of fuel is constantly rising and public transport sadly can be unreliable we are left looking for an alternative mode of transport, well luckily for you I believe I have found the answer; battery power assisted bicycles. best trolling motor batteries

The use of these cycles is almost limitless; they are great for travelling to and from work or to the local shops and are great for active family days out. Also if you already travel a lot by cycle you may wish to consider replacing your regular bike in favour for one of these battery power assisted ones. So let’s take a closer look at what they are and what they have to offer you…

Basically these models still look and operate in the same manner as a normal cycle, just with the exception of the attached motor/battery that is used to power the vehicle and assist with pedalling to a certain degree; this is only if you activate the power through the switch on the handlebar. What this is known as is power on demand and works partially in response to your pedalling, it gives you an immediate push when you release the switch and stop pedalling; you then simply control this function the same way that you would control the bike on its own; through the brakes and gears.

As a user of a battery power assisted bicycle you would enjoy a number of features, take for example when you are pedalling up a hill, even in the lowest of gears this can often be a struggle and put a strain on your legs, in some cases you may even have to get off the bike and push it up. This can not only be inconvenient but also interfere if you are in a hurry. Well with this new model of bike you have nothing to worry about; when you are struggling with those steep hills simply switch your motor/battery on and get the right amount of help to conquer them. By doing this you will only have to put minimal effort into pedalling, making even the steepest hills feel like you are cycling on an average road.

The batteries that are fitted to these cycles are rechargeable and are usually sealed lead-acid; which provide power for the electric drive motors. The charging times of the battery will vary depending on the charger output and battery capacity but as a general rule they will last just under eight hours. However if you were out cycling remember, if the charge did go you would still be able to ride as the cycle would simply operate as a normal bike.

Unlike aspects such as pocket bikes, these models have zero emissions and have the potential to get you up to speeds of anything between 15km/h to near 30km/h. So if you are looking to cycle with the choice of less effort that enables you to achieve greater distance, climb hills and ride against the wind more easily then look no further than a battery power assisted bicycle.

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